Your business thrives on having a steady flow of new customers, as well as existing customers making further purchases. Setting up effective lead generation systems will help you to bring targeted and engaged leads to your business.
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Deliver value through educating and nurturing potential customers

Customers buy from those that they know, like and trust. It takes on average 5-8 touch points for trust to be formed.

A new customer or visitor to your business doesn’t yet trust you. It’s your job as the business owner or as part of your team, to build that trust.

With a lead generation system you can deliver immediate value to your new leads, through educating them about how they can overcome the particular problem they are suffering from.

Not only are you educating through your expertise, but you’re also nurturing your lead and building trust with the content you’re sharing with them.

Delivering value first shows your potential customers that you care about them and you’re a business that wants to help.

There’s no better way of standing out against your competitors than delivering value through education.

Remember that leads coming through your lead generation system are highly engaged and therefore more motivated to make a purchasing decision when the offer is made to them.
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Lead generation systems work for you using automation... 24/7

One of the biggest advantages to your business when you have one or more lead generation systems in place, is that these will work for you 24/7. Yes, even when you’re sleeping.

Imagine having a salesperson who was able to answer your customer’s biggest questions, speak to them directly about their problem and deliver value through education. This is what a lead generation system brings to your business.

Lead generation systems use automation so they can carry out lots of small micro tasks for you, without needing any manual input. For example, sending out a lead magnet and emails at preset intervals. Without automation, one of your team would need to set an alarm and remember to go and manually take all of these actions.

One lead going through the average lead generation system could easily save 1-2 hours of admin time. You can see how valuable this is when you start sending 1,000+ people through the system.
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Do you answer  yes to any of these?

You want to generate new leads for your business
You understand how important it is to build trust with your visitors
You want to save time (and money) through automation
You would like a better way to educate new visitors
You want a better standard of enquiries for your business
You want to stand out amongst your competitors online
If so, we’ve created a service that will help you get started with a new lead generation system for your business.
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Yes, I'd like to have a lead generation system for my business

Lead Generation Discovery Session

Complete plan and strategy to your lead generation system
Discovery Meeting
Planning Document
System Map
Deduction on Future Work

Lead Generation Discovery Session

Complete plan and strategy to your lead generation system
Discovery Meeting
Planning Document
System Map
Deduction On Future Work
As we’ve shown you, lead generation systems are extremely effective methods for generating new enquiries for your business.
The major benefit with having a proper system in place, is that the leads who filter through the system are only the ones who are most engaged with your content. You don’t need to waste your time on leads who are not actually interested in what you have to offer.

The first step to getting your new lead generation system up and running is to plan what you are offering and create a map of how the different system elements will all fit together.

Having a system map and a clear plan gives you a simple list of the objectives that need to be achieved and in place, so that you can get your new lead generation system in operation for your business.
We’ve worked with many businesses like yours, who want to benefit from a lead generation system that brings them targeted and engaged leads on an on-going basis.

Through our experience setting up lead generation systems, we’ve created a process that helps you to get your lead generation system planned and ready to be created. We call this our Strategy Session, which is made up of three key areas.

Firstly we have a Discovery Meeting which is a virtual meeting between you and our team. During this meeting we’ll be discussing your business, the products or services that you offer and the major problems that you help your customers to solve.

Secondly, we have a Planning Document, which we put together after our meeting with you. This will contain the plan for your lead generation system, talking about how the system will work and the purpose of the system. We’ll be looking at requirements, goals and more.

Finally, we will create a System Map for you. This is a full overview of your lead generation system and each of the elements that form part of it. You can use the System Map to see the expected path of leads through the system and also as a tool to help with creation.

As an added bonus, if you choose to work with us to build out your new lead generation system we will deduct the cost of our Strategy Session from the lead generation system proposal.

Our Strategy Session for lead generation systems is priced at $299 for a limited time. As detailed above, this fee is deductible from a future proposal, should you want us to help you build the lead generation system.

The process will typically take around a week to complete, from the point of the Discovery Meeting that you can schedule with us, for a time and date that suits you.

To get started, click the payment button below to place your order. You’ll be re-directed to our checkout where you can make your payment.

After you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive an email that will provide all the instructions you need to schedule your Discovery Meeting with us at a time that suits you, and we can get started.

What's included  in our Strategy Session?

Our Lead Generation System Strategy Session is formed of three elements. Firstly we have a Discovery Meeting, which is a virtual meeting between you and our team. In this meeting we’ll discuss your business and the products / services that you offer. After the call, we’ll create a Planning Document which details your new lead generation system in more detail. Finally, our System Map provides an ‘at a glance’ overview of your entire lead generation system. This document is ideal for planning out and building your system.

Discovery Meeting

We will have a virtual meeting with you to discuss your business and your core offer to your customers. We’ll listen to you and we’ll ask you questions to drill down into the specifics. We’ll want to understand what problems your customers have and how your products / services solve these problems.

Planning Document

After the Discovery Meeting, we’ll use the notes that we’ve created to put together a Planning Document. This document details your new lead generation system, focusing on requirements and goals, as well as the purpose of your new system. This should be used alongside the System Map when setting up your lead generation system.

System Map

The System Map is a top-down overview of your new lead generation system. It provides you with an ‘at a glance’ overview of how all of the elements of the system fit together. The System Map can be used in conjunction with the Planning Document as a checklist for the creation of the lead generation system.

Deduction On Future Work

When you choose our company to help build your new lead generation system, we will deduct the cost of our Strategy Session from our proposal to you. We do this because the Strategy Session is an important part of the project and it’s the first step towards having a great new lead generation system for your business.
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We love to see our clients win!

Zohar Liebovich
Please don't let my competitors know about your existence they will easily understand how you turned me into a mega UNICOW!
Ronit Valfer
Choosing a professional in this field was no easy task. I came via recommendation and immediately realised that I was dealing with a professionals from another world!
Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan MW
Simply has certainly lived up to its name. They helped me simplify the process of building my presence online, website creation, lead generation and marketing. They have given me confidence in starting and building my business and allowed me to focus on what I do best!
Zohar Liebovich
Please don't let my competitors know about your existence they will easily understand how you turned me into a mega UNICOW!
Rotem Namir Pardes
Luckily I found Eran and Simply, and that's when I realized that I came to the right place! Efficiency, professionalism, innovation and comprehensive services.
With advances in the Internet over the last decade and technology available at your fingertips, thousands of businesses find it hard to keep up, Further more the average life span of business today is getting shorter and closer. 

We believe that "simply made" online marketing process, can increase your business revenue effectively! Thus empowering you to succeed in the business you need, to achieve the life you want.
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Your Questions Answered...

Why do I need a Strategy Session?

Creating an effective lead generation system for your business starts with having a good plan. Our Strategy Session has been set up so that we can take a deep dive into your business and your products / services. From here, we can help you to plan out the best lead generation system that suits your business and your target audience.

Do I need to work with your company after?

No, you have no obligation to work with us on building your lead generation system, after the Strategy Session. If you decide after using our Strategy Session that you would like to work with another company, then you’re more than welcome to do this. The Planning Document and System Map will help them to understand what you need.

What is a System Map?

The System Map is a birds eye view of your new lead generation system. It will show the various pages, emails and elements that will make up the system and how these all fit together. You can track the potential journey of a new lead through your system using the map.

How can I trust you?

We’re an established agency having first formed back in 2006. We have over a decade of experience with lead generation, web design and marketing. Our friendly team are well versed in system mapping and creating fantastic lead generation systems for our clients.

Where are you located?

That's Simply :)

We are located the beautiful city of Haifa, Israel, and we are easy to work with from all around the world.

Where to start?

That's really Simply :)

Click the button below and we'll take it from there...
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Plan and strategy to your lead generation system

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Our Lead Generation Discovery Session is priced at $299 for a limited time. As mentioned above, this fee is deducted from the proposal that we create for you, when you choose to continue working with us on your website project.

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